Linux pici-server Trouble Shooting

If the pici-server is not working at all please check the following things:

  • Is your apache web server running?
  • is your mysql server running?
  • is PHP activated?

pici-server only generates pictures with :-(

If the pici-server start page of the pici-server appears but the webpage pictures are not working, please check the following things:

  • Are all paths to the librarys setup correctly:
    • Path to your pici-server-location (in file ADMIN/config.php)
  • Are the database tables inserted into your mysql?
  • Check whether you are able to generate an image:
    Open a Terminal and change into your ADMIN folder. Execute there the following command:
    export DISPLAY=:10.0
    ./web2pici test
    You should now find a Screenshot of the picidae website called test.png in your ADMIN folder.
  • Did you gave the visudo rights to create the picture to the user under which PHP runs?
    Find out which user runs your PHP >>
  • You need to accept Cookies manually. Therefore you need to connect via vnc to your display. How to >>

As every URL remains in the cache (by default for 2 hours), it is much easier to test when you set the caching time to zero in ADMIN/config.php (row 118: $timelimit_cache = 0). The cache is only deleted, when you invoke the pici-server start page.

Error: Cannot connect to X server

If you get this error when trying to test web2pici manually check the follwing things:

Check whether your virtual Screen 'Xvfb' is running. To check whether Xvfb is running type the following command into your shell:

ps -A

This displays you a list of all running processes. The list may be long but you should be able to find an entry for Xvfb in the list. If you don't find an entry for Xvfb, it means your virtual screen is not running. To start it, type the following into your shell:

Xvfb :10 -auth Path2pici-server/ADMIN/xvfb.conf -screen 0 1200x5050x24 &

If the virtual Screen is running make it accessible for your shell, by setting the DISPLAY variable:

export DISPLAY=:10.0

You have to export the DISPLAY variable (export DISPLAY=:10.0) for testing reasons every time you log in via a new shell to your web server.

Change your shell directory to the ADMIN folder of your pici-server and test web2pici with the following command:

./web2pici test

This should now create an image test.png in your ADMIN folder. (Make sure the ADMIN directory is writable for your user, for that it can create the test.png image.)

All these commands should be run from the same user. It should further be the same user your pici-server uses to create the pictures. To see what's going on on your virtual screen connect to it via vnc: How to >>

If you still do have a problem and you don't know how to solve it, drop me a mail with an exact description of your problem.
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If you discovered a bug, you may file it to the buglist.