pici-proxy Installation Guide

Do you have a web account? So you can run a pici-Proxy! It just needs PHP to run.

Installation is very easy

Download the php-script (they are all the same. if you are a Windows user, the zip file will most probably be the easiest download for you.)

Unzip your download and upload it to your web account. That's all! Type the URL into your web browser and watch it working.

How to change the pici-server

By default the script points to the pici.picidae.net pici-server. To change that, open the file index.php and change the URL of the pici-server on the following line:

$pici_server = "pici.picidae.net";  // set here the URL of the pici-server
 	                                    // to use

There is no central database for existing pici-servers, as they could be censored to easely. If you would like to get the address of another pici-server write us a mail. (our PGPkey for mail encryption)

Let the world know

To let the world know about your pici-proxy, make a link from your homepage. On this site you find many tags and banners for your link.

Please pay attention not to use the word "pici" or "picidae" when linking to a pici-server or pici-proxy. If a censorship authority places "picidae" onto the index, your link will remain undiscovereable.

We are always curios to hear about new pici-installations! Drop us a mail to inform us about your pici-proxy: email us. (our PGPkey for mail encryption)