Configure KHTML and Konqueror on your server

Startup Konqueror

First you need to set up your pici-server as described >> And make a vnc connection to your server for that you see and control the virtual display >>

To startup konqueror type in the following into a terminal (use the Terminal number you )

export DISPLAY=:10.0

Now should see a konqueror window on your vnc display, with a menu bar from that you can control and configure konqueror.

Edit properties

To open konquerors properties edit window, go the Settings > Configure Konqueror ...

In the configuration window click on "Web Behavior"

  • disable: "Enable completion of forms"
  • Animations: Disabled

Click the Apply button and go then to the point "Java & JavaScript?"

  • disable or enable Java as you like (it won't be interactive so you may better disable it)
  • Click on the JavaScript Tab
    • enable: Enable JavaScript globally
    • Open new windows: Deny
    • Resize window: Ignore
    • Move window: Ignore
    • Focus window: Ignore

Click the Apply button and go to the "Cookies" Section

  • Policy Tab:
    • enable: Enable cookies
    • enable: Only accept cookies from originating server
    • enable: Automatically accept session cookies
    • Default Policy: Accept all cookies

* Management Tab:

  • Click on "Delete All" to delete existing cookies.

Click the Apply button and go to the "Crypto" Section

  • SSL Tab:
    • disable: Warn on entering SSL mode
    • disable: Warn on leaving SSL mode
    • disable: Warn on sending unencrypted data

Click the OK button to leave the window

Maintainance tasks

  • Delete Cookies: Settings > Configure Konqueror ... > Cookies > Management > Delete All
  • Clear History: Settings > Configure Konqueror ... > History Sidebar > Clear History
  • Clear Cache: Settings > Configure Konqueror ... > Cache > Clear Cache

Install plugins

Install Flash plugin