Help improving pici-Server on Linux

Solve the Biggest problems

  • There is a limitation in picture length. If a Site would be longer, the picture would show grey, unrendered parts on top and at the end of the image. Does anybody know the reason therefore?
  • web2pici should create a much faster Timeout error if the Address is not found. (e.g. after 5 seconds if an address can not be resolved).
  • There is the need to manually accept all cookies the first time after a pici-server is set up. It would be nice if this could be done automatically.

Improve pici-Server

  • Create an automatically installable Version for your own Linux Distribution.

Feel free to add here your thoughts, solutions and ideas.

Make server version for Gnome/KDE/Console Make connectors for other BDD (like PostGreSQL)

Disable the use of sudo who is a security hole. Restrict the access of the directory (chmod 777 pretty un-secure)