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234web2pici doesn't compilenewsomebodydefectblocker
10pici-proxy doesnt work for pici-servers not at root of adress /...newsomebodydefectmajormilestone1
225transmission from a lot of sitesnewsomebodyenhancementmajor
226pici proxy doing Error 500assignedmjdefectmajormilestone1
228No Login to Webmail possibleassignedanonymousenhancementmajor
3allow to limit the number pages being rendered simultaneouslynewsomebodytaskminormilestone1
4backlink in error / notification-fileassignedmjenhancementminormilestone1
8no links inside framesnewsomebodytaskminormilestone1
12redirection in websitesnewsomebodydefectminor
14DOS attacksnewsomebodydefectminor
15no links in imagemapsnewsomebodytaskminor
227Untrusted apps are not allowed to connect to or launch Window Server before loginnewsomebodydefectminor
231Corecting the compatibility (PHP 4 / PHP 5) of the "linuxpici.class.php" file + some BUG fixesreopenedsomebodydefectminor
233download on homepage dowsnt worknewsomebodydefectminor
236mohammad rezanewsomebodydefectminor
224Links and Form don't work!newsomebodydefecttrivial